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Mike Hayes

No Love / Just Fate

Love what is love,
is it not the confusion we create threw the misconception of another four letter word -Lust
Lust what is lust,
but ones sensual desire to explore someone elses body with the soul intention of pleasure without commitment therefore avoiding the most important but five letter word -Trust
Trust what is trust,
is it not the secret to everlasting friendship threw the disposal of another four letter word-Envy
Envy what is envy,
but the one thing most capable of destroying the illusion of love for it is the main cause of my next four letter word-Pain
Pain what is pain,
is it not what we all have to endure to to maintain that which we are mislead to desire from birth -Love
Love what is love,
is it not the illusion we create in ones own mind to dissolve our deepest subconscious fear of dieing alone even though we have not the choice due to this four letter word-Fate
Fate what is fate,
is it not inevitable

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