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Midnight Bones

Door To My Happiness

You are the only one who holds the key to opening the door to my happiness. Each time you unlock my door, you make me come alive and make one exist in time. One precious turn of a key and you make me feel what it is to be happy and to be at peace with myself. On every level you know how to get to the heart of my happiness. Your unselfish ways to make me loved and understood are sometimes more than I can bear, as I have never known this kind of happiness ever before.

What can I say that will ever let you know how happy you make me feel? What word, which phrase will let you know that without you in my life, I would never know what true happiness could ever be? It is not enough to share this happiness, it has to be cherished with a guilty pleasure.

You bring the best out of me every time you unlock the door to my happiness. Colors swirl about me: bright yellows, greens, and and song fill within my heart and soul...knowing you are the only one who can unlock the door to my happiness.

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