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Michele Chi

Dance festival in Blackpool

Dance, Dance! !
let's put on our dancing shoes,
twirl around the ballroom like flying in the air.
delightful organ music fills up magnificent space, from foxtrot, samba to waltz...till eternity,
Songs and beats flow into our ears,
light up our souls.
Nobody can stop us now....

Dance Dance! !
Let's fly in the air at 380 feet, high up in the sky.
walkabout the tower top watching the vibrant city below our feet.
buildings like miniatures, land and sea are in unity.
Wind chimes into our ears,
Laughter in our souls
Nobody can stop us now...

Dance Dance! !
Let's feel the dance floor full of vibrant passions.
watching all the princes and princesses, trying their very best.
Music keeps them swaying, from head to toe, till immortality

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