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Michael Biondi

My Generation: The Good Ole Days

I remember a time when radio music was good.
I remember the twin towers and when they stood.
I remember television shows like Boy Meets World and Rocket Power,
sitting there while eating Warheads pretending they weren’t sour.
I remember white Christmases and full streets of lights,
I remember waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve nights.
I remember believing in a fat man with a white beard dressed in red
and every glass of milk and god damn cookie I fed.
I remember board games like Sorry, and Candy Land.
I remember playing in giant turtles; the ones filled with sand.
I remember when all it took was a Yo-Yo to feel fine,
even though I could never walk the dog, it was still a good time.
I remember the days we would all play capture the flag.
I remember the nights we dressed in black and played flashlight tag.
I remember Ghost In The Graveyard never lasted long,
there was always a bad-a** humming the tune of a creepy song.
I remember riding on a big yellow bus to a six hour day of school.
I remember when having Kooshes and Tomagotchi’s was cool.
I remember trading Pogs and Pokémon cards,
but could never get a holographic Charizard.

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