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Me1 Corday

No One Will Know

u said u would graduate, go back to school
instead u droped out just like a fool
with no where to go no place to stay
u turned to drugs, throwing u away
then u found a man his name was joe
you held his hand but let no one know
soon it came official, u were holding life
for a child would be born into this life
in the 1st trimester you lost the joy
could it have been a girl or mabe a boy
no one will know cuz you lost the joy
no one will know no one will know
u must have been sad, my older sister
u must have felt pain, pain like a blister
or mabe a little worse mabe u lost joe
mabe joe lost u
will we ever know
see the child was ur tie, the tie holding tight
but now its gone, will it be alrite
will he still hold ur hand hold u close

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