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Maxwell Ames

Upon Reading Tennyson's 'Lady of Shallot

With fear to part exquisite threads
weaver, requite stagnant days in loom
doom heady closure, mirrored in room
for within your work, worlds are read

Lungs caught quick with congealed air
thy careful rebellion, quick to abrase
meet one free form, emit tendril haze
across the river, longing we stare

Tepid isolation pleading, do abide
a curse is on you if you stay
articulate fingers perpetually splay
leave not the crystal by your side

Escaping striations framed from creation
stay you do, pace you through cracked life
and for whom so you list causing strife:
Lancelot straddling earth with elation

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Piano vs. Guitar

i sat down at the piano bench for 10 whole years
i never stood up and moved away because of my fears
that i had been wasting my time and i wouldnt express myself
i couldnt rewrite erase scratch out replace what i had been taught

not by myself always with a hand moving me left to right right to left
until that day i wasn't afraid to stand and i saw myself not moving just
shifting from side to side i was only getting morose with no sense of wit or pride

i could get soulful and stand and swing liek the wind on the trees and no more was i trying to express myself on the piano on the keys where my fingers tried to get crazy but all i could do was type at the same rate with a bomb between my knees

so i saw my dad's guitar one day and my hands went up and down and not
from side to side and i didn't have to sit down and i choked the neck, twisted the head and realized that i saw in the face of what i could become and never hide

i saw in the face of it who i wanted to be, not what i was but what i could be come
and my past was behind me, and it chided me antagonized me until i saw that
my hand worked better as a claw

my father's guitar i saw it and i saw his face and i saw mine too and since that day i learned to scratch out and erase and revise what i felt inside and what i could

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