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Mat Langford

July Sun

you are a brand new person,
my feeble hands applaud you,
to the extent that they are able.
please don't close yourself alone,
fear is the emotion of the unfaithful.
strike it down with a mighty swing,
and liberate your soul
from the rusty chains of depression.
you will see when you are free,
dancing to the rhythmic beating of your own pulse,
watch the July sun, as it massacres the unwilling,
and bleeds miles for your troubled soul.
when this world shows you it's secrets,
and you realize what this lonely place has to offer,
don't look back in anger, your soul has been tempered
with the oppressed voice of the unheard.
watch me fly, over the rest of eternity,
solemn expression painted on my face,
watch me soar in the July sun.

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