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Mariah Christina

We Can Go To The Moon

We can go to the moon or we can go to mars lets launch our hearts up into the stars I can be your world if you can be my sun dont worry babe cause we aint close to done Ill be yours forever if you make me believe as long as you want me love I will never leave Ill be by your side until the end of time as long as you can promise me that youll always be mine put a ring on my finger like it would change a thing no matter what you do babe Ill love you just the same 5 years 10 years 20 years from now you can look back and remember this vow remember how I promised that Id love you through it all remember now I promise that Ill never let you fall they say what goes up must come down but if you start to tumble then Ill race you to the ground where you go Ill follow cause I know youd do the same and to lose you love would be such a horrid shame Id fight for you cry for you love for you die for you cause if worse came to worse Id give my life for you

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