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Manoj Bansal

Mainframe's Memoir...thats All I Remember

I Remember How PANDA walk, can't forget the JISHA's expression while talk..
I Remember KASHYAPI's breathtaking smiles, black screen and many utility files..
I Remember VSAM postpond test, uff ye SRI waiting for briyani fest..
I Remember ALL chocolates fight, the ABISHEK who always rest tight..
I Remember the ARUN's speaking pace, and NAVEEN'S sleeping outside case..
I Remember choclates wrappers that MEENA gave, press F3 to exit and save..
I Remember dostana MOHAN, MADHU and ASHWIN, here is RESHMA the underweight queen..
I Remember ASHOK and RAVI, all time happy boys, wishing them life full of fun and joy..
I Remember ANAND's and MANAS's lunch time fun, first bring MAXCC=0 then submit run..
I Remember silent Naagesh, Vibhor, Anil and Jagdish, wow ARUN bro again fighting for his seats..
I Remember PRANEETHA repeating i want choclate treat, and ANZA's test score nobody beat..
I Remember Hema, Ashwini and Robin's simplicity, n great lover Kinsuk Sarkar for whom i feel pity..
I Remember DISHA d healthy n powerful hero, something is wrong coz file status is not zero..
I Remember KAPIL and all MARATHALLI MEETINGS tricks, birthday celebration and painful kicks..
I Remember linguistic SMITHA's n ARPITA's morning greetings, 'truth n dare' n final exam's cheatings..
I never forget the SUJATA mam, so affectionate n caring, slow mainframe and userid sharing.

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