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Manar Mostafa

My if world

Escaping to the if world, where everything is possible
Changing my reality and live the impossible
Waving my magic stick so every wish come true
Sprinkling the fairy dust, believing this magic will do
Smelling vanilla scent, I reach imagination land
Here with my illusion beyond what you understand
In if world where puppets come to life
Where nymphs on rivers waiting to take a dive
Through this new frame of vision where everything is bright
I see smiles all around shinning in the light
Through this rose coloured glass lens where everything shines and glows
I see boys and girls waiting thier turns in the long adventure rows
In this blue horizon where all the ground is green
That's only seperated by the quiet water streams
I wave my magic stick and sprinkle the fairy dust
To spread the white hope, , that in here is a must
I wipe away all tears from the crying faces
Healing all the broken promises that were once taken
In the if world, wearing your skin alone makes you complete
Everything in here you own, there is nothing else you need

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