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Malaika Rebello

Life Alone

Time passes hoping for a helper,
a mire of rejection recieved in his shelter.
Journey alone, training to be brave,
to face a group of soldiers who are coming like a wave.
Trying to seek refuge but still a loner,
thoughts troubling him like a big moner.
Wanting a leader to show him the way,
otherwise without guidance might go astray.
Yet sober and listless crying tears that never fall,
hoping there will be a light which lies among them all.
Clues and plans are yet to unravel,
yet a sign of hope in him is still to travel.
That is in this world of darkness there will be light,
which will only be revealed if he fights with all his might.
Life has been so cruel to a person like him,
for him to travel and to seek a better whim.
Answers is still to be answered and battles to be fought,
walking miles together through a land of drought.
Time passes hoping for a helper,
still searching who will be his true saviour.

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