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Main Uddin Ahmed

Realistic Romance

Reality so tough like hard rock,
To face many get intensive shock.
Romance seed flying see in the air,
To get down not getting the stair.
Hard wall has no room for it,
Need is good soil to become fit.
Pucca-pucca rock-rock you see all,
None is pronouncing a sweet call.
Don’t thing darling I do not know,
All the expenses behind the show.
I think my love must survive,
Because I know bite in bee hive.
I want to follow realistic romance,
To get in her my deep stance.
I took a leaf of the money-plant,
Wrote a poem on it very instant.
Inked a money cheque then for her,
These two were my super day’s offer.
Told her in the bank to submit one,
In heart’s drawer the other has gone.

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