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Maaya Nair

‘Oh, Majestic Ocean’...! ! !

‘Oh, Majestic Ocean’ how you inspire me wholly,
You never relinquish, so you remain unaffected,
The many facets of the real life, you personify,
I dive deep into you to explore and experience!

‘Oh, Dear Ocean’, your tranquility is so envious,
Yet, the devastation your fury brings, I fear.
Mysteries, treasures you hide within your womb,
Often indulges me a secret odyssey to the abyss!

‘Oh, Mother Ocean’, your compassion is eminent,
You pacify the restiveness of soul, as I watch,
So you absorb the very melancholic salt of tears,
And dissolves the pain with your caress of breeze!

'Oh, Granduer Ocean', with your grace, you welcome,
The glorious sun from the ocean depth of horizon,
The sight mesmerizes many from time immemorial,
And entice the world with your energy and cheers!

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