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M.A. Parry Eugene

The Moment of Rain

'You drenched yourself in rain as though you were in pain,
I could hear you crying in the sad music of rain;
Was the sorrow too deep that you had to hide in vain,
The tears under the shadow of the somber saddening rain?
Out there in a corner, I shared some secret dear sorrow,
Since the Moment of Rain: today too and may be another tomorrow;
The smiles did steal some flashes, and you seemed easy and fine,
But I was sobbing silently, inconsolable somewhat to pine;
For a whisper may be in the evening twilight from you side,
That all is fine and you are over it and the sorrow no longer did abide;
Had come too far from the Moment but still the sorrow stayed, Dear,
Like a soul's shadow it prods and does lie to deep for wanton tear;
The answer to the Moment of rain, my scared half glances still seek in vain,
There is still some proportion of the Sweetness of my own Dear pain:
I confess the crime of slowly pilfering the freedom that danced in the rain,
Might have been blind to the flight of the spirits: oh I was insane! '

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