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Lois doyle

Sing To My Wing

Smile baby its over soon
The sun will come and erase the moon
Your stars are bright when you let them shine
If only you could see you're not of this kind
You left your heart out in the rain
And pretended not to feel its pain
If I could I would, take you under my wing
But your song is not a song I wish to sing

If I leave you here and walk away
Will you follow me some other day?
I'm taking my time to walk to the sun
But baby you're crawling when you think you can run
I can't go much slower even though it isn't a race
I found a windmill to fly you to my embrace
But you found another sorrowful song to sing
So this is the reason I cannot take you under my wing

You're frightened and hopeless, for this I can see
But I cannot grasp you when you crawl from me

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