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Liselotte Reich

The Manifold Sins

All possible hate that we should never bear
A cry for help that we hear, but won't hear,
The greed to have it all, the obsession to win
For greed's sake not pride, yes, that is a sin.

To see hungry people, knowing they've never enough
And you vain walk on by, you mock and you laugh,
If you've family, old folks and spread yourself thin
We all know it well -- that too is a sin.

To belittle simple folks' work or their strife
To think I need no one, I've got money for life,
If a heart is that cold or despising's the grin
Watch out for God's wrath for all this is sin.

If you steal, embezzle, to have riches on earth
God sees it and knows it, you've really no worth,
Betraying your mate - lust affairs you can win
But your true love will suffer and all is a sin.

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