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Lexie Mulkey

Respect for My Foes

Why should I show respect for a man that shows me none?
Why should I follow your codes when they have no meaning to me?
Respect after all is something we must earn,
And as far as my eyes can see you deserve nothing.

It may be law that I should respect you,
But I shall break law if it means that I am free
Because who likes shackels; they after all are made from man kind.
No man shall hold me for I am as free as a bird.

I shall dropp dead flat on my face
Before I ever put you in a palace
Before I give you the respect you think you have earned.

The highest you will ever go is the social status of a goat.
But we slaughter them.
I hope your happy being king of the goats

They say respect your foes as you do yourself.
So today I shall pretend to be the dirt under my shoes.

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