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Lail Reveal

Stolen Childhood

Isn't it enough for me to be a blossom of humanity
to breath the beauty that is meant for a being
standing all alone in the rain of sorrow
walking all alone in the breeze of sighs
waiting all alone in the hope of escape
seeing silently the stealing of unseen childhood,
ain't enough time to let the words from wounded heart to depart
so my weary fate decided to wear the unheard words to impart
in an appearance of unasked yet unanswered questions:
Why I am painted with pain?
Why I am tagged with tradition?
Why I am extinct while existing?
For what reason? I have to keep the imposed treaty?
And for what reason? I have to veil my soul from equality?
and for how long the unknown heartache will be hidden from unknown reality?
Oh, wait a minute my stolen childhood, to whom am I speaking?
to a world that is filled with alone breaths
where people live unknowingly and die knowingly

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