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Lacey Jacobs

What We Been Through

we been though so much since the day you gave me life
things i might forget and things i will never forget
the joy i felt the pain i went though
i feel like you dont love me then again im your number 1
Mom i look up to you but sometimes i should not follow in your footsteps
that hurts because you are my mom
my comfort
my light
my guidence
my strength
my everything
i love it when i see your reaction when i succeed
i hate it when i have to see my mother in pain
i love it when we spend time together
i hate it when you dont see all the things i did for you and my family
i love it when my mother gives me indiviual attention it shows me my mother actually does care
when i am older i will become like you but better i will learn from your mistakes and go beyond to appreciate the things i will overcome because the things we went though have taught me things i am never gonna forget
Mom i love you with all my heart and your place will never be replace

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