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Kirstyn Hansen

Suicide and Pain

To you I'm a servant but more like your slave
I think about this and know I need to be saved
All you do is yell and complain

If I left this world, you'd be able to tell
Because there'd be no one else to hear you yell
I you said tha I thought life was just a game
Yea, maybe, a game involving this suicide and so much pain
Everyone hates me. No one gives a damn
They just walk on me, like a small grain of sand
You say you love me and always will
But tell me, is that how you really feel?
Suicide and pain, I think of it alot
I sit at home alone, and my dreams start to rot
First you told me to do my best..
But then you said 'I hope you fail that end of the year test'
You told me you hoped I failed 7th grade
I think about that and add it into my thoughts of suicide and pain

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