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Kelly Batson

Never Give Up, Never Give In

The silence masseurs my sound barrier
Breaking all that I am left inside, insanity
Letting go of the ones I care about
It’s become an art form, graceful
It seems it’s the only thing I’m good for
Holding on till there is nothing left for me to hold
It slips between my fingers, in vain
I’m nothing more then a lonely memory
Left to die in my own fabrication of this life

I feel like my existence is falling to pieces
And I can’t help but deem this is my sentence
Lost to comfort, all kinds of words unexpressed
It’s my own silence that I’ve been condemned
Lost to advice, that’s never followed
It’s my decisions that founded my seclusion
Lost to those who really care
Or maybe more to the ones that really don’t
All these people are locked inside
Until the day I free them from my mind

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