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Katie Frank

Alone, I Am

Alone, I seem not, though I am
Alone, I must travel the unfocused future
Although at times I may travel with a companion
Nevertheless, none are close enough to know my true nature
At times throughout the winding path, I have become acquainted with a compassionate soul
Though in the end, they also desert me, unable to understand my true nature
At the present, I was near to a potential companion
However, I now feel him drifting from me
As the waning of the moon, playing with the tides of my emotions
I shudder to realize, that I dared to hope, for the perfect, most angelic soul
One who can understand my hopes, my fears, my dreams, my past
In essence, my true nature
But then I finally have come to realize
That Alone, I must travel the unfocused future
Alone, I seem not, though I am.

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