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Kassie Selders

My Rainbow

I have this rainbow that no one can see
It is planted right inside of me
it is made of all bright and beautifull colors.
the first is bright yellow and just like me beautiful and bright making the best of what can be.
the next color is blue bold and strong never wanting to let anyone down and yet always stands his ground
and after that is the deepest of purple the passion, a ladys man yet sensitive and artistic to everyone around
the next color to my rainbow is pink she is beautiful in every way seeing the world in the beauty that we have lost, and picturing it the way it should be, with castles and princesses all around.
at the end of my rainbow is a strong orange he is brave and strong and makes for sure all see's with a double look
and all of these beautiful colors in my rainbow
make the most perfect combination i could have ever imagined
when i look to the rain and see this little sparkle
i know there is nothing that could ever compare and i know i will never feel despair.
for through rain snow sleet and hail
i will look at my rainbow and find my happines there

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