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Karen Banks

U Must No Know Me

snotty as people get out my face
you betta back up b4 i put u in yo place
im like smh u just dont get it
we in the 21st cenutry u need to get with it
yea i look nice sweet but thats what u see
cuz its more with that but hey u dont know me
like i gota start dissin yall cuz yall gettin me confuse
so i gota come back with yal news
dont let these curls and this purse fool u
u need to be teach so imma skool u
ready k lets go
usay u gota gang well i have a crew
name tpain cuz we chopp and screw
umm tip these earrings can come off
we gon put u in a hole like we playin golf
bu naw i just had to check u
just to warn u b4 u try tdo

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