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Julius Lenjatin

The Feeling At 1: 04am,27/11/10

A night of mares
A night of many stares
A night when you appear hopeless
A night you seem helpless
A night you stand to be hapless

When you are treated like a dog
Noisy and best only in barking
When you are treated like a frog
Assummed cold blooded and best only in frowning
When you are treated like a log
Lifeless and best only in sleeping without a feeling
When you are treated like a criminal in the synagogue
Ruthlessly and left decaying
When you are treated myopic as if in fog
half blind and short of seeing
When you are treated as one who can only jog
slow and lame in running
When you are treated like a bog
With no respect, dirty and best only for waste disposing

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