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Julian Nguyen

Saying Goodbyes

Summer-blown leaves flowing,
Above Spring Dawn’s Tidings,
Brilliant-colored butterflies sweeping,
Across the majestically, amused courtesans,
They dancing to the lyre of Ageless Time,
Playing a bard’s ballad of longing past and dreaming future,
In another world,
A sailor could hear the whisper of a sound,
Maybe a glimpse of an apparition,
Chilling his own heart-strings,
As his song is already played,
Of all the rights and wrongs he did,
And the watchful, Eternal Doorman,
Driving his chariot and dark ebony horses,
To steal a confession of a sin.

A date with the Eternal Doorman,
Is no fool’s desire or luck,
However, I am a fool,
A tenderly golden fool,

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