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Judy Nelson Eldawy

Camelia's Lullabye

He who created the sun
And caused the stars to shine
And makes the Earth revolve
Also made you mine
Al-hum-du-lil-lah, Al-hum-du-lil-lah

He who gave the wolf his howl
And gave the crow his cry
And gave mankind his speech
Gave me Camelia's lullabye
Al-hum-du-lil-lah, Al-hum-du-lil-lah

Have lovely dreams, my sweet
Snuggle down and close your eyes
For your soul Allah shall keep
Until it's time to rise and shine
Al-hum-du-lil-lah, Al-hum-du-lil-lah

(Al-hum-du-lil-lah is an Arabic word meaning praise or thank God)

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