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Joyce Stiles Spencer

Magic Circle

We all need a place where we can go, to escape from stress, trouble or sorrow. I have found such a place to call my own. Peaceful but exciting and for me alone. This Magic Circle has so many things I need Comfort in my sorrow from unkind word or deed. Peace at the end of a long and trying day. Encouragement when I falter on life's pathway. Inside this Magic Circle I've shed so many tears; also shared my laughter my dreams and my fears. I've shared so much excitement, love and fun. I Wish a Magic Circle for each and every one. Within this Magic Circle I find just what I need, and I never have to ask for it, never beg or plead. Inside this Magic Circle I'm protected from all harm. Yes, I have found MAGIC, in the CIRCLE of your arms. What God Designed Help me dear Lord to appreciate today. Not take for granted the wonders you display. Blue skies embracing a soft white cloud. Birds are singing so sweet and proud. A soft playful breeze from over the ocean, ripples long grass in a dancing motion. The joyful sounds of a mountain stream. adds tranquillity to this peaceful scene. Insects hum their songs of pure delight; as my senses absorb this beautiful sight. If man has made life better today, why do I need to escape this way? I remain quiet: not moving or blinking My mind at rest, not even thinking. A butterfly alights upon my hand, More exquisite than anything made by man. Amid all this beauty I lay dozing My spirit at peace, Or am I supposing. I will close my eyes at a quiet time and experience again what God designed.

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