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Joshua Mccoy

How to Keep the One You Love in Marriage

-Treat her nice
-Love + bedroom = marriage
-Bedroom – love = disaster
-Attraction by eye only will doom one from the very start
-Litigate don’t dominate
-Submit yourself to caring fully and cast off the macho man
-Humble all emotions and cast pride astray
-Embrace false accusations with what’s unexpected
-Sow seeds of kindness in those around you
-If you don’t agree, voice your thoughts but don’t make waves or go along with indifference to your own true feelings
-Don’t take the right to be happy away from another
-Those kept in visible captivity with hidden mental scars and live in constant fear are beings under heavy submissive persuasion and hold skeptical doubt of ever being set free. Re-evaluate the current situation and find a way free yourself if held by these oppressive tactics.
-Always keep your tone in check and only have a shout fest if truly needed
-Humble yourself! ! !
-Love faithfully or end it all by laying with another
-Always give and take equally
-Unreasonable requests that sacrifice someone’s self respect have every right to be refused
-Don’t repeat the steps of your parent’s marriage or previous marriages.
-Spoil the one you love altruistically on a two way street

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