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Johnathan Andrew Collins

Jehovah's Witness

Grueling phantoms apparate before my eyes,
Never-ending, a torrent of darkness,
Under this unholy light, the candle flickering be our lives,
Evermore entrapped and confined in the Abyss.
Lingering in the air, a pungent odor,
Your misery the torturer savored,
Cherishing your piercing screams, diabolical, Death's entity,
As we silently watched, immobile from our gaols.
Realizing we would be prisoners forever,  
To embrace the Devil as a lover,
Dangling before our glazed eyes our inevitable Fate,
Nought to live, our pitiful survival negated,
A pathway to Tartarus shall now lead the way,
Walk the path under Satan's fiery gaze,
Endless pain shall come but no promise in God's name,
Locked in eternal night, nought to see light again.
Dear and cherished ones forgotten and swept away,
Never searched for and to be found again,
Under this unholy light, the flickering be our flame,
My death shall be nought, but a dropp in the ocean,

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