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Joe Pagano

Help, Please Help, Teacher!

Algebra, algebra—it doesn’t make sense,
Numbers and variables combined in strange ways,
With symbols and signs—parentheses too,
My footing is lost, I feel stuck in glue,
Help, please help teacher— I’m depending on you!

Then there’s those lines, formulas strange,
Point-slope, slope-intercept, that many the days,
I sat there and wondered, why do this to me?
I’m clueless, I’m fried, I’m ready to flee,
Help, please help teacher—I’m going to scream.

Absolute value, never negative we’re told,
But inser a variable and I’ve lost my hold.
It’s x—no it’s negative x—c’mon what’s the deal?
I must be dreaming, this can’t be real!
Help, please help teacher—help me to feel.

Onto the galleries, where radicals repose,
Irrational demons whose nature confirms,

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