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Jocsan Urrutia

My meaning of love

love is when you love eachother,
love is when you never say 'its over',
love is when you own her heart,
love has no ending just a start,
love is when you hold her hand,
love is when she's concider as your bestfriend,
love is something real, not an illusion,
love is when you overcome any mission,
love is not an obstacle,
love is like a miracle,
love is when you dont feel the time passing by,
love is when its hard to say bye,
love is when you make any sacrifice,
love is when she feel's like paradise,
love is when you cry and laugh together,
love is not for a while, its forever,
love is when you and her plan your future,
love has to have no torture,
love its so cute and bright,
love is when you wanna be with her even at night,

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