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Jesse Dachyshyn

Questions for Allen G.

You Howled in the fifties
Kaddished in the sixties
Sang your Plutonian Ode in the seventies
Told us what you were not in the eighties
And pushed us all to eat more grease in the nineties
You died the year I graduated from high school
And I hadn’t even heard of you

Why did you grow your long mad beard? Was it to
Give the appearance of a modern mad prophet who
Put his mad thoughts into unconventional verse?

Or was it to conceal your being gay? No, that doesn’t
Sound like you. You were always comfortable in
Your own skin. It seemed like another layer of clothing to you.

What did you mean by “reality sandwiches”? Was it reality
Unadorned, unadulterated, with no sweetening
From outside forces or people?

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