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Jane Tomlin

Vacant Chair

I looked next to me today and saw you were gone
Just a quick glance just enough to see that you weren’t there
Just enough to hesitate and weep
We’ll never see your face or hear your voice again
We’ll never hear your gentle fingers strumming your guitar
We’ll never see you smile while sitting in your chair that now stands vacant and empty

I know now that you’re not gone
You’re standing right beside me as I live and love and learn
You’re up in the heavens now beside your father looking down on those you left behind, wishing for the moment we can all be happy again just so you can see us smile.

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Perfect World

We can realign the stars if you just close your eyes.
We can watch the skies like we did before.
Happiness is when you wake up in the morning still thinking you are in a dream from the night before.
Happiness is when you breathe the perfume of flowers not noticing their backdropp against the luscious carpet of emerald meadows.
Happiness is following the intrinsic requests of your heart and soul and happy in the idea that you are doing what your heart desires most.
While all around you the mighty world strikes at the portal to your very being, essence of yourself.
Happiness is feeling that you’re only a small example of a grand creation yet still feeling higher than the mountains themselves.
Happiness is when you smile at yourself in the mirror without thinking of someway to change yourself.
Happiness is walking out the house not caring what your appearance is because you don’t care what people think of you.
Happiness is knowing that you are loved for you and not some made-up unnatural stranger.
To be seen as the real me, not letting anyone put me down or hold me back is what would make me happy.
Hence why I smile eternally.

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