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Jamie McDonald

I Always Gave In

Why do family attack and criticise?
Why the anger, attitude and the need to fight?
We need to be here for each other
Not constantly ducking for cover

Family needs to love, support and affectionately be tight.
It should be discussion not argument no matter who is wrong or right Neither visits nor calls unless to be used or abused
Now I stand my ground for surrender I refuse

Family can be insensitive and cause so much pain
I can’t believe after all these years here it goes again
The hurt can be so immense just so one can feel they are right
My broken heart and flowing tears afford me no comfort through the night

Family can hurt you the worst when they stab you in the heart
When all you want is love, recognition, acceptance, not broken and ripped apart So here is the message, no more, no more and take it to be true
If you can't give love and compasion then that's it I'm through.

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