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Jade lee

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from the crowded shopping malls to the quiet corners of the homes
we roam alone living the life bestowed upon us
every now and then we connect with strange souls
some were brief encounters and some where friendships bloomed
together they become the very elements that defines our fleeting life

everyone we met through chance and fate
teaches us a thing or two during of their stay
we met millions of people in our lives but
only a few were allowed to help make & walk our courses and
only one or two can leave imprints that dictate whatever may come

thanks to those that came and left, leaving us gratified
thanks to those that came and left, leaving us shattered
and thanks to those that came and never left, leaving us feeling loved
and thanks to those whom we have yet to meet

everything we do and every choice that we make takes us a step closer to the truth
we share, we learn, and sometimes we just observe and take no actions
we came alone and will leave alone

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