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Jackie Holland

Friday Night Shopping

I went to do the shopping at the Supermarket Store
Couldn't find a trolley - so hunted round some more:
I dashed around the car park searching every trolley bay
And at last, with the one with the wonky wheel, I was on my way!
Inevitably, I met someone I'd not seen for a while
So we parked our trolleys in the middle of the aisle
Just to make shopping that bit harder for everybody else
Isn't it a pain when everyone just thinks of self/
We had a conversation about this and that
I was really pleased to see her and enjoyed our chat.
Eventually I reached the checkouts where the fun begins'
To search for the "right queue" and start unloading all my tins.
In front of me was a lady, quite mature.
She'd be quick, I was absolutely sure.
Then her cash could not be found amongst papers and all kinds of dockets
In one of those wretched handbags with about fifteen pockets.
I was glad to leave that store - I'd finished work at five - got home at seven
Sat down with a cuppa' which was pure magic, just sheer heaven!

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