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Irena Keigh

My Mind Racing

started out so strong feeling so undefeated
feeling like bieng needed
started out full of hope full of will
its like the time stopped and stayed still
for me time did that for me
let me achieve my goals but those goals didnt get far
the fear the doubt came back
the defeat set in, will power i lacked
what to do in such a mishappen
what to think about something im trapped in
my own vanity my own shadows
my own indesgretions and views of myself
why do i see rotten and misbehaved
im not me im a liar
can i be myself..i was on that path
but stopped all for a useless self indulgence
not workin for my livin
not workin for that fill in
not lookin for that somethin to profit in
layin on my back whereas theyre in berlin

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