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Idy Akpan

Tigers Cry, too

Where's my fierce, fluffy tiger? I'm back from the outside and I just want him to take over my insides; i want to feel his arms, hot blood rushing in as his skin meets my skin that soaks every bit of him in, eagerly. Fierce as a tiger, but his eyes gleam like a baby's. Warm, and cuddly...what more could my rain beaten soul ask for, besides a cup of hot cocoa? Fierce as a tiger, but wounded- just a little bit- and wants a lamb to kiss the pains away. Fierce as a tiger, but tigers have tears and I have tears, too, and arms, hope, love waiting...for the tiger with the blu-dye fur; i'd give it sooner, but he's got to ask. I know that's hard cuz, he's a tiger and i'm a lamb, but i'll still wait...

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