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Hitesh Chowdhury

Rainy Night!!!

Our journey started on a rainy night, a night that we did not know held for us.
A night of passion, night of love, a night of anger, a night of distraught,
a night of tears, a night of pain;
but the most important thing it was a night of understanding and silence.
A night that taught us what silence meant in the conversations we had.

We discovered words in that silence,
we knew each others heart and where it went and what it wanted.
It was a journey of hope on that rainy night;
hope that one day this rain will stop,
at the same time we did not want the rain to stop because it was a beautiful night that brought us together.

Everyone is celebrating this day of love, but I am sad,
What am i sad for?
I Should be the happiest man on this planet as i have understood the meaning of love.
So why should i not celebrate, let us celebrate this night together;
although we are far apart. And lemme tell you this,
that I Love You on that rainy night!!!

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