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Harish Mudaliar

The Nightwalker

The Irish legend over the millennia
Tells the Nightwalkers blood mania
And his quest of the moonlit sky
Scouting the dark-hued night with mystical eyes
His only agony is the sun's crust
Would flare him down to spattering dust

Atop the London tower he hides
Amidst lightning and stormy rides
Calm as a lamb, awaiting his prey
To pounce at once on soul coming his way
Awakening the silent lazy night
For a gulp of blood before the first light

At the blink of an eye, he grabs his pawn
Swings to and fro like in a ballet lawn
To the amorous beats of the worried heart
The symmetry is simply flawless and smart
The doomed one toil so hard for his breath
No avail, as he is in the clutches of death

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