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Hans Jean

Whats This Love God?

This love I have is unable to retain like this heart disease I’ve obtain,
My love for you has no cure because my love for you is so pure,
I've contain this emotional feeling that’s so painful that’s in every vein,
These eyes that she carries which gaze at me makes me insane,
You should no I have my sight on you and I’m ready to aim,
This love that I have for you is unattainable this kind of love can't be gain,
Love like this comes once in a life time it puts others to shame,
Hatred and jealousy isn’t concluded in this love I've maintain for you,
Anniversary and children is the only wish I dream to gain with you,
This isolation within us hurts to the deepest pour of my heart,
This attraction toward you is contain in every cell of my being.

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