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Halalisani ImmaculatePleasure Mchunu

I'm A Strong African

High tides do come my way,
but I choose to stand tall.
Knocked at different momentums,
but i refuse to fall.
If life is like a soccer field,
I refuse to be kicked around like a soccer ball.
People despise me due to the texture of my skin,
but they never witness my emotions.
because if i take it to heart I know thats a ruthless sin.
A handsome smile is what they see,
but nobody knows the pain within me.

Some people say my life is perfect like a movie,
but if it is then,
it surely isn't fair because i didn't rehearse this role.
Sometimes i feel like im cursed with pain,
but i chose not to complain,
because negativity in my mind is like the sun trying to shine during the rain.
I face battles as large as Goliath,
but i'm fearless like David.

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