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Geoffrey Lindau

Sea Empress

A torrent of storms brings rain sweeping across a raging sea of pain and uncertainty,
Thrashing a lone soul with its rage and sorrow,
A soul lost but not alone,
She feels the sea's unrest,
A sea she has known her whole life,
A sea she has come to accept,
Every wave crashes around her as she fights to breath in the future she so rightfully deserves,
This sea her home always provides as much as it takes away,
Trying to keep a balance,
Never too good,
Or too evil,
She feels all of it,
Every dropp of emotion,
Every whirlpool of doubt,
Every tempest of love,
Every wave of hope,
Every particle of the deep vastness of life immerses her,
She swims in currents of absolute feeling,
Her incalculable strength allows her to slice through all obstacles,
Recalling memories to keep her from succumbing to the sea's will,

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