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Gaurav Tiwary

What I see?

Darkness would soon consume what I see, before that let me say
Let me express, let me sing, a fable, a ballad or a poem, let me say
What I see.

It is a scene of a battlefield and I am standing there,
I see an omen walking by, a white moon shining in red sky,
Shattered metals everywhere, of tanks and guns, all man had made
And many men are lying here, of bones and flesh, all god had made
This is a hell but I’m not dead, but dead are they who lie afore,
Forcing me to be their part, an unsought color of this picture.

It is a scene of a broken hut and I am standing there,
Its thatched roof is gone, now roofless how it stands,
Its door is open and a window broken, but I won’t peep inside,
There may be a life, a tender rose, a bud ready to bloom,
And beneath its various fleshes, many secrets may have it closed.
I dare not touch it and destroy, and do not steal that is not mine.

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