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Gabriella Mendoza

Reflections on the Television Set

You can catch her staring at the television glares.
Painting pictures in her mind.
Trying to grasp what a sight she would be
If she were beautiful,
Like them.
[Strayed fingerprints speckle the screen, outlined by a thin layer of dust]

*You can catch her sitting by the ocean.
Keeping rhythm with the ebb, breathing out as it flows.
Big dark brown eyes, a strong contrast to her powdery skin.
A slender waist, forming a perfect figure down to her toes.
All accented by her long dark hair.
Falling below her shoulders, above her waist.,
With light curls forming shadows against the moonlight.
She reaches out to feel the ocean,
Her fingers stopped by glass,
Where a girl can be caught staring at her through the glares.

The screen begins to rot,
Colors fade to black.

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