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Francis Curran

You Can Have the Earth (In the Virtual World Department Store)

It challenged with an elbow digging at my ribs
And dared if I had what it took to burn
Behind the wheels of high-octane super charged imports
To climb dig and float, fly-jump over buildings
All wits and reflexes guiding a mental snail
Through the furthest reaches of the universe
A hero tumbling asteroid fields
And all that stands between civilization
From swarms of dangerous intergalactic rocks

I could liberate the masses or become their oppressor
If I was firm and strong in the building of my kingdom

It offered active service in the renegade commando corps
And a chance to strike down on the sand
The fanatical heart that stealth's in death match multi kills
To polish up on sniper skills in epic missions skirmishing
In brutal wars; abducting groups of four
And beam them up to paradise

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