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Firestar Christopoulos

4th July Blues

I am here alone.
He is in his dark place alone.
Darkness has consumed his life.
I want to pull his body into mine to keep him safe within the light.
I can’t breathe or smile today.
There are no words from him.
Only silences.
I am having 4th July blue day.
My heart is trembling in sorrow.
My soul is screaming words that are no longer hidden away from me.
Tears flow like heaven’s dam has burst free.
Love is strong, but my essence is twisted about dark knots.
Parties are going on today.
Families cooking as their children laugh and run about.
I am here crying with my pain of not having him in my arms.

4th July Blues is coming down hard upon me today.

People are cheering and drinking.
Crowds are flowing about parks with happiness and love.

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