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EmmaPassions Iruoghene Emesakoru

This is Africa (Africa is The Future)

Words by EmmaPassions Emesakoru

If we could hold hands firmly and stand strong for one another, There's really no limit or boundary to what we can achieve together. It doesn't matter where you are from: north, south, west or east,
If only we can embrace each other and stop living maliciously like beasts, Then we would come to see how much God's blessed our Motherland
That we've intentionally chosen to annihilate by own hands.
Why kill one another when we didn't like those white strangers do it to us? Don't let religion or languages fool you; let's bear one another's cross.

This is the much talked about mama Africa and we are so black and proud. The cloud above our heads, the farms ploughed and the land is so endowed. We're a uniquely happy and gifted people blessed with a diverse culture, This is our very own Africa and it isn't hard to envision why we are the future. From our reserves of diamonds, platinum, gold, coal, water to crude oil, We've got it all to rise from the ashes of phoenix, so why should we toil? Except for corruption, greed and lawlessness, we suffer no natural disaster. Isn't it high time we counted our blessings and lived as brothers and sisters?

From breathtaking mountains, invigorating waterfalls to our fascinating tradition, Can't we see we are the bane for beautiful Motherland's wanton destruction? Our forefathers' backs didn't suffer from the whiplash of slavery for nothing. Then, why doesn't our painful past and rich history not teach us all something? This is Africa where the scorching sun only tans and beautifies our black skin. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Ethiopia, unity is all we need to win. Love is all we need to conquer the hatred, famine, genocide and diseases. But how do we begin if the senseless warring and apartheid doesn't cease?

This is Africa, a resource-rich continent, so let's provoke our sleeping giants. We've been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and shouldn't live like ants. If only our overtly shady and bad government can stop accumulating wealth, If only the rebels and militants can give up their arms, we'll rule this earth. This is Africa and we pride our homeland with our cocoa, cotton and coffee. We offer a vast array of natural resources and minerals the world can see. If we can export our cash crops and help others develop from our blessings, Why can't we see the only that stands in Africa's way is our undoing?

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