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Elora Cooper

Blondes have more fun?

Blondes have more fun!
So the saying goes,
Where that saying comes from
Nobody really knows.
I’d like to know how they worked that out
As I don’t see how it’s true,
Brunettes are just as happy
Gingers and black haired people too.
All people can have lots of fun
You don’t have to be blonde to have a laugh
I’m not blonde and I have good times
And can also do my math.
So all the non-blondes out there
I want to hear your cry,
Your cry of joy to tell the world
How that saying is wrong and why.
All the blondes can stay together
They can have fun where they want and when,
But we’ll stand firm us non-blondes
And have twice as much fun as them!

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